The Innovative Sward Swap Process Explained

‘Sward Swap’ (trade-marked) is a process which eradicates the existing grass regime (& weeds) and simultaneously replaces it with Eire Seeds Carbon Grass.

It does this without cultivating the ground & releasing existing soil carbon back into the atmosphere.

The Sward-Swap Process:

1. Measure

Measurement of GPS area & existing soil organic matter levels

2. Spray

Non-residual systemic herbicide is applied over the prescribed area

3. Over seed

Intensive over seeding through the existing (dying) sward with a disk type over seeder

4. Maintain

Resume regular mowing maintenance as the new sward establishes within the old

5. Monitor

Monitor the development of the new sward swap


There are multiple financial, environmental & social benefits of this forward thinking best-practice.

We are offering UK local authorities & large land owners the opportunity to have their old, and expensive to maintain grass regimes exchanged (Sward Swapped) for new Carbon Grasses via a leasing agreement:

– Enabling significant & sustainable long term cost savings

– Creating significantly improved grass swards

– NO initial capital outlay for the local authority

– Generating carbon credits to off-set against their ‘carbon footprint’

– ‘Shared Savings’ in consideration

Sward Swap

NB: The intellectual property & brand value in the integral Carbon Grass products & Sward Swap process is protected with UK & Eurpoean Patents, Trade-Marks & an exclusive Long Term Supply Agreement.