Leading the way - why Eire Seeds?

Below are just some of the reasons why these new & unique grasses are becoming the choice of forward-thinking, Climate Change & cost-conscious Local Authorities Landscape Architects, Project & Maintenance Managers, Architects, Landscapers & Gardeners.
    300% more atmospheric carbon sequestration into the soil sink.
  • Requiring an average of 40% less cutting (enabling sustainable 40% long-term cost savings)
  • Creating carbon credits to off-set against ‘Carbon Footprints’.
  • Extrapolating the results of the 1st UK Carbon Audit of a Park, 300,000 Ha of grass would sequester 2m-3m tCO2 eq/yr.
  • Harder wearing – enhancement of the amenity.  More disease & pest resistant.
  • 50% more drought tolerant – improved colour & water quality.
  • Contributing to the Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) agenda by enhancing natural drainage regimes to reduce surface water flooding.
  • These deeper rooted grass cultivars improve bank stabilisation.
  • Support enormous microbial diversity and biodiversity value of the environment.
  • Carbon grass enables improved air quality through atmospheric CO2 scrubbing 
  • & more

Unique, Flagship Carbon Grass Eire Seeds 
Grass Mixes 2023

3 specially selected cultivar mixes to fulfill most landscaped infrastructure construction requirements

Low Maintenance Grass

– 60 % perennial ryegrass (comprising 2 cultivars)
– 25% strong creeping red fescue
– 10% hard fescue
– 5% brown top bent

– Sowing rate 25-40 g/m²
– Superb COsequestration capability with low carbon emissions (low maintenance) makes this sward mixture a perfect complement to low carbon sustainable development projects

This universal landscaping mix is ideal for public green spaces where rapid establishment and low maintenance are considered beneficial.


Amenity grassland mix also suitably deployed on winter sports pitches.

– 30% tetraploid perennial ryegrass
– 30% perennial ryegrass
– 20% creeping perennial ryegrass (stoloniferous)
– 20% strong creeping red fescue

– Sowing rate: 30-40 g/m²
– Mowing height (will tolerate down to 12 mm).

This cultivar mix demonstrated exceptional drought tolerance during the 2019 ‘heatwave’.

Established swards significantly out-performed traditional permanent managed grassland areas and recovery (following prolonged drought) was significantly accelerated.



Verges, roundabouts, embankments and slope stabilisation applications.

– 25% perennial ryegrass ‘R450’
– 42.5 strong creeping red fescue
– 25% hard fescue
– 5% brown top bent
– 2.5% micro-clover

– Sowing rate: 25-40 g/m²

– Minimal mowing regimes (once annual, ‘spring cut’ annual sward growth).

This drought resilient sward will tolerate mowing down to 25 mm height.


This cultivar mix maintains road/rail green verges with exceptional COsequestration capabilities, atmospheric particulate “scrubbing” rainwater entrapment/infiltration and (by virtue of the Micro clover) is “self-nourishing” in nitrogen requirements through the nitrogen fixing bacteria associated with Micro clover. 

2021 Award Winner

What we stand for


Before the current trend & focus on sustainability, our international team of experts have devoted years to pioneering the very best & most efficient environmental grass cultivars.

cost & time savings

Cost & Time Savings

Beyond the sustainability benefits we understand the corporate, Governmental & private need for efficiency, working on products that are proven to deliver both cost & time savings.

Innovation & Excellence

We work alongside DLF, the respected world leaders in grass science who have over 200 staff (>11% of their 2000 employees) dedicated to researching the very best seed & science combinations.

The Result of Over 20 Years Research

 The result of over 20 years intense R&D by DLF, the world’s leading seed breeder, has enabled these unique & innovative Eire Seed cultivars. They represent a paradigm shift in the performance of amenity grass mixtures with the combined benefits of saving time, money & the environment.

Example of Eire Seeds at Citywest Business Campus, Dublin

What Clients Say....

Torbay Council, Richard Barton

Service Manager for Landscape & Grounds Maintenance,

“Money is saved because the new verges require less cutting and produce less risings, which means less wear on our mowing machines, less manpower, a reduction on blocked gulleys & the costs associated with clearing up.

More than 95% of the grass needs only 3 or 4 cuts a year as opposed to 7 or 8 previously. We live in an era of ever decreasing budgets so the number of times you can cut the highways is reducing.

By looking at specific cultivars and putting some of the new low maintenance grasses in a place you can not only reduce the number of cuts but also maintain a far better visual effect.

Basically you have to invest short-term to save long-term.”

Citywest Business Park, Martin Hallinan

Landscape Architect

"As part of the Citywest drive for sustainability we are using & monitoring levels of carbon sequestration with a select Carbon Grass mixture provided by Eire Seeds.

We have successfully used a low maintenance, high carbon sequestration mixture which consists of 40% Perennial Ryegrass, 20% Strong Creeping Red Fescue, 20% Chewings Fescue & 20% slender creeping red fescue.

I am very impressed with the speed of germination, cover & color and the significant reduction in the number of cuts required per annum.

We are saving significantly on our grounds maintenance costs with only 4 cuts last year."

Sports & Spaces, Rob Donald

Independent Sports Pitch & Landscape Construction Consultant

"Introducing slow-growing, low-maintenance 'carbon grasses' to open public spaces would significantly improve the nation's quest for carbon credits & dramatically reduce grass-cutting costs.

These Carbon Grasses are the future!"

  • Pro Landscaper Small Project Impact Award Winner

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