Some of the Benefits of Eire Seeds


✓  Up to 300% more atmospheric carbon sequestration into the soil sink.

✓   Requiring an average of 40% less cutting (enabling sustainable 40% long-term cost savings)

✓    Creating carbon credits to off-set against ‘Carbon Footprints’.

✓   Extrapolating the results of the 1st UK Carbon Audit of a Park, 300,000 Ha of grass would sequester 2m-3m tCO2 eq/yr.

✓  Harder wearing – enhancement of the amenity.  More disease & pest resistant.

✓  50% more drought tolerant – improved colour & water quality

Contributing to the Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) agenda by enhancing natural drainage regimes to reduce surface water flooding.

✓  These deeper rooted grass cultivars improve bank stabilisation.

✓  Support enormous microbial diversity and biodiversity value of the environment.

✓  Carbon grass enables improved air quality through atmospheric CO2 scrubbing

✓  Hugely efficient bio sequestration (carbon storage) capabilities – performing 300 per cent more efficiently than traditional amenity grassland varieties

✓  Exceptionally deep-rooting cultivars assist soil structure formation and aggregation, enhancing the soil’s capability to receive, store and infiltrate excessive rainfall

✓  As such, they align strongly with the currently desirable sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) initiatives

✓  and in turn, through their deep roots, contribute to the mechanical stability and longevity of urban green space areas.

✓  Reduction of between 40 & 45% less grass clippings.

✓  It is possible to grow not only grass but also vast storage banks of atmospheric CO2.

✓  As soil organic carbon sequestration or bio-sequestration converts local topsoil into vast carbon storage banks. Analogous to temperate moorland peat.

✓  To remain as long as the grassland is maintained as permanent.

✓  Ability to bio-sequester 13 tonnes/hectare/ /annum of atmospheric carbon dioxide within topsoil

✓  As compared to 2 tonnes/hectare/annum for deciduous woodland. Carbon is stored within lignin in the tree trunks.


Less maintenance

✓  Carbon grasses require on average 40% less maintenance….

This Saves

✓  Mowing cost and time

✓  Associated fuel usage & exhaust emissions

✓  Reduces volume of green waste disposal

✓  Maintains managed grassland aesthetics…it looks the same!

Eire Seeds Field of Grass